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Cyber Security Tip – Number 3

Tip #3:  How To Choose A Good Password Background Seemingly every other day a website gets hacked. TalkTalk and VTech are notable and news worthy. What happens to the stolen information? The cyber criminals will run account details through software which will check the username and password against other online services. So if your TalkTalk password […]

Boost staff productivity with mobile tech

Most business owners are quick to think that utilizing mobile devices automatically leads to more productivity. Unfortunately, this is not always true. A poor mobile device policy can actually lead to burnout and see your employees become overwhelmed by technology. Here’s how to avoid these pitfalls and get the most out of mobile devices in […]

Understand these 4 types of hackers

  Why do hackers attack? Is it for money, notoriety, or political reasons? Many business owners never ask these questions, and instead only think about the means of how a cyber attack takes place. But knowing the motive behind a hacker’s attack can help you understand whether or not you’re a target and what data […]

Cyber Security Tip #2

Tip #2:  How To Choose A Good Password Last week we warned you about why you shouldn’t use a simple, easy to guess password, but the alternatives are so hard to remember. A random sequence of characters like shui56De@^72tfW is a difficult to crack password. Unfortunately it’s also impossible for a person to remember! What […]

Cyber Security Tip – Number 1

Tip #1:  What is a strong password, and why do you need it? Welcome to the first of our cyber security tips emails. Each week I will give you specific, actionable advice to help you avoid being the victim of a cyber crime. Yes – there are bad guys out there who want to steal from you. […]

The different types of malware: explained

Ever been infected by malware or a virus? For most internet users, the answer is probably yes. But what is the difference between all the cyber threats out there? What makes a virus different from a trojan or worm? And how can you protect your critical data and your business from these threats? If you’ve […]